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MailArchiva V5 Released

We are proud to the annouce the release of MailArchiva V5.

Export To PDF With Attachment Content

Finally! It is no longer necessary to print out attachments separately. When fulfilling a records request, it is now possible to include attachment content in PDF exports. MailArchiva automatically renders attachment content in the PDF export file. Most common file formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) are supported.

Predictive Coding

Predictive coding reduces the cost of e-Discovery by automating the process of finding relevant documents in and amongst a larger corpus of documents. Users first build a training set by identifying responsive (i.e. relevant) and non-responsive (irrelevant) documents. Thereafter, advanced machine learning algorithms are used to predict further documents that might be relevant to the e-Discovery search.

Synonym Search

Exact keyword matching has its limitations. With synonym search, it is possible to match keywords with a similar meaning. For instance, when performing a keyword search using the word  "dog", documents containing the word "hound" will also appear in the search results.

Find Similar Document

Select multiple emails, and click the Find Similar button to find similar emails to selected ones. The Find Similar feature is useful when looking for emails that are closely related to one another. It achieves this by maximizing term frequency–inverse document frequency scores (tf*idf).

Find Similar Attachment

Drag a file of any common format (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) and drop on the search bar to find similar documents to the content of that file. It is based on same tf*idf engine of the Find Similar feature above.

Search For Unrecognized / Encrypted Documents

When performing a records request, it is useful to know exactly which documents are excluded from a result set due to the fact they are either encrypted or contain attachments of an unrecognized format. A simple search using the macros %encrypted% and %unrecognized% reveals all encrypted and unrecognized documents, respectively.

Search Keyword Highlighting

After performing a search, the matching keywords are highlighted inside message body and attachment content. This usability feature draws the users attention to specific areas of a document for speedy review.

Drag 'n Drop Import

It is now possible to drag'n drop huge export files (>3GB) from the desktop right onto the import dialog for convenient and easy ingestion.

Soft Reindex

To ensure uninterrupted searching, existing indexes are no longer deleted at the start of the reindex process. Rather, they are updated so as to ensure that users can continue to obtain comprehensive search results throughout the reindexing process.

Quick Attachment Peek

Take a quick peek at the contents of an attachment, without the hassle of having to download and open using client software. At the click of a button, MailArchiva displays the content of attachment from within the MailArchiva console.

Analytics Enhancements

Analytics now outputs statistics on different attachment types. Shows outgoing and incoming percentage split between images, audio, text, video pdf, document, presentation, spreadsheet and other.

Export Entire Mailbox to PST

Right click user on tree view to export entire mailbox to PST.

GUI Enhancements

Icons have been added to the MailArchiva Console.

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Voted Among Top 20 Most Promising e-Discovery Providers

Stimulus Software Voted Among 20 Most Promising e-Discovery Providers

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

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MailArchiva V4 Now Available

We are proud to announce the availability of MailArchiva V4. This version includes the following significant features:

  • Conversation threads - Follow the conversation threads between people. MailArchiva uses sophisticated pattern matching algorithms to construct the linkages between emails.
  • Social graph - Chart the connections between people based on their email communications. This feature reveals surprizing insights on the nature of the human networks in your organization.
  • Advanced statistics - View detailed statistics on traffic flow, mailbox size,  attachment types per user and domain. Such analytics data is useful for a myraid of use cases, for instance, capacity planning.
  • Task Manager - The rudimentary process monitor page is replaced with an always accessible task manager.
  • REST API - Simplified search, retrieval and archival of data using REST API. Minimizes the hassle and time needed to integrate MailArchiva into third party enterprise apps. 


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MailArchiva Multitenant Brings New Business Opportunities for ISP's and Cloud Providers

Stimulus Software's MailArchiva product is redesigned for multitenancy, enabling ISP's and cloud providers to offer cost-effective email archiving and e-Discovery solutions in the cloud.

Stimulus Software is pleased to announce a major update to their MailArchiva product. The new version brings native multitenancy to the platform, enabling ISP's and cloud hosting providers to expand on their product portfolio and tap into the lucrative e-Discovery market.

In recent times, many ISP's are experiencing increased competition and lower margins in traditional areas such as email, anti-virus and anti-spam. As a result, ISP's are under pressure to bolster their offerings by deploying higher value added services.

Until the advent of MailArchiva Multitenant (MT), offering e-Discovery services in the cloud had largely been the preserve of specialist e-Discovery providers. Using MailArchiva MT, it is now possible for any ISP serious about protecting their customer's data, to offer cost effective email archiving and e-Discovery solutions to their customer base.

"e-Discovery and email archiving is a great complement for those ISP's already accustomed to delivering mail related services such as email, anti-spam and anti-virus. Furthermore, the e-Discovery related regulatory requirements imposed on many businesses, serve as a powerful driver for the take up of the service." said Jamie Band, CEO of Stimulus Software.

The MailArchiva MT product includes everything an ISP needs to centrally manage and deploy email archiving services to their customer base over the Internet. Furthermore, due to its support for native multitenancy, new customers can be added to the system with minimal hardware overhead.

In recognition of the fact that many ISP's have already invested heavily in their brands, ISP's are free to market and run their email archiving and discovery service under their own brand. With the release of MailArchiva MT, it seems, forward thinking ISP's finally have the means to capitalize on an e-Discovery market that is anticipated grow to an est. $2.3 billion in 2016 (Radicati Group).


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MailArchiva Multitenant Now Available!

Good news! The MailArchiva product has been updated to support native multitenancy.MailArchiva now natively offers the ability to service multiple customers. It is the perfect solution for ISP's and cloud providers to offer hosted email archiving services to their customer base. 

Some of the benefits of MailArchiva MT include:
  • Native Multitenancy - The MailArchiva product has been redesigned to natively support multiple customers
  • Single Download - There is a single download for both Enterprise and Multitenant customers
  • No Multiple WARs - It is no longer necessary to install multiple WAR files or run multiple web applications
  • Revamped Licensing - The licensing system has been revamped. Licenses do not need to be issued every month.
  • Merged Console - The central console has been merged into the base MailArchiva product
  • No Syncing & SMTP Port Conflicts - The need for syncing and management of multiple SMTP ports has been eliminated
  • Certificate Management Added - Certificate management has been added to the central console
  • Startup Time Improved Significantly - By eliminating the need for multiple WAR's, startup time is drastically reduced
  • Easy Update - Since all applications run on the same web app, updating the web app is as simple as running the setup
  • App Wizard - The ability to create applications based on a template has been removed. Each app has a wizard instead.
  • Apps Accessed via CNAME - Applications are no longer accessed via http://localhost/app1 but instead accessed via DNS CNAME (http://app1.mailarchiva.local)
  • Improved Scalability - MailArchiva MT is far more scalable. Adding new applications occurs internally rather than creating new WAR files.

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MailArchiva Helps ISP's Grow Revenue

Stimulus Software's MailArchiva ISP Edition product brings new opportunities for Internet Service Providers and Cloud Providers to expand into e-Discovery and email archiving markets.

Stimulus Software, developers of leading e-Discovery software, are offering Internet Service Providers (ISP's) world-wide, a unique opportunity to tap into lucrative e-Discovery and email archiving markets. Stimulussoft's MailArchiva ISP Edition product enables ISP's to expand on their product portfolios by offering hosted email and discovery services to their customers.

Until now, the vast majority of e-Discovery solutions have been designed to run on-premise at the customer site or as a cloud based service. Few solutions are available that are specifically tailored for ISP's to run and host their own service using their own hardware infrastructure. MailArchiva ISP Edition is unique in that it is specifically tailored for the ISP. For instance, subject to a few minor restrictions, ISP's are free to market and run their email archiving and discovery service under their own brand and in a manner that compliments their existing offerings.

“The great thing about our ISP solution is that it is largely turnkey for the ISP from a technical standpoint. Furthermore, there is minimal commercial risk, since billing arrangements are month-to-month. ISP's can literally tack on their margin without having to pay dime for the software upfront.” said Jamie Band, CEO of Stimulus Software.

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MailArchiva Cloud Edition Now Available!

MailArchiva Cloud Edition has finally arrived! This service offers convenient online email archiving and emaiil discovery for companies without the hassle. No more worries about infrastructure maintenance, upgrades or growth.

Specific business benefits include:

  • Enhanced business focus.  Spend more time creating value, less time maintaining vendor systems.
  • Reduced costs.  Take advantage of shared infrastructure. Cut down on hardware, software, training and labour costs.
  • Leave it to the experts.  We wrote it. We know best how to maintain it.
  • Hassle free setup.   Plug 'n play. Immediate setup and access.
  • Pay As You Go.    Flexible billing. Pay for what you use, over time, as opposed in one big chuck.
  • Transparent upgrades.   Bug fixes and improvements are made automatically.
  • Scalability.  MailArchiva's cloud solution scales immediately to your ever changing needs.
  • Availability and Redundancy.  Technicians on standby to ensure 24/7 service availability.

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MailArchiva ISP Edition v3.0

We are proud to announce the availability of MailArchiva ISP Edition v3.0.

The ISP Edition product is now capable of deploying both MailArchiva v3 and v2 instances.

Furthermore, the product's user interface has been revamped and many other improvements have been made.

Please vist to the Download Center to upgrade now.

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MailArchiva v3.0 Now Available!

After a year and half of solid development, MalArchiva v3.0 is finally here!

This major update includes a redesigned user interface for improved ease-of-use and visual appeal. It offers a tabbed layout and infinite scrolling across millions of records. A new query builder allows for the easy construction of complex search queries.

The storage engine has been redesigned from the ground up. Volume data is stored in a new format consisting of 4096 Winzip-compatible, AES encrypted archive files. The result is faster backup, easier management of archived data and much higher compression.

Compliance officers will be excited to learn that MailArchiva is now capable of generating sophisticated journal reports in PDF format. The reports are designed to minimize the time and effort needed to satisfy records requests.    Please visit What's New for a brief update of the new features in the product.

Posted 2015-03-06 16:32:46.0


We are proud to announce the availability of MailArchiva v3.0 BETA. This new version brings an improved user interface and a redesigned storage engine. Click here to learn what's new.

Visit our demo section to obtain a glimpse of the new product.

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Thank You for all your loyal support and patronage throughout 2011.

We wish you a safe & happy festive season and look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

Wishing you all the best,

The MailArchiva Team

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New Website Launched

We are delighted to announce an overhaul of our website. The site has been restructured to allow for the expansion of our product portfolio.

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